Elevate Client Relations, Empower CPA Productivity

Finally. A secure and easy to use interface for you and your clients.

Making The Customer Experience Easier

Let's face it. If you have a bad customer facing website or interface your customers will notice. Synchronized CPA is designed to improve the experience for both you and your customers. Powerful tools in this platform will help streamline your existing processes, and allow you to more quickly and easily interface and communicate with your customers.

Secure Transmissions

Send messages to your customers without it landing in their email inbox. Customers no longer have to worry about their information being stolen from their inbox. 

Asking your customers to send you financial information via email is insecure as well. Synchronized CPA provides a built in secure platform for sending and receiving files.

Powerful Automations

The Synchronized CPA platform has power automations built in to help you quickly and efficiently manage your customers.

Quickly generate customer engagement agreements, invoices, internal projects, customer facing projects via automations. Think of it as a "when this happens, do that" system.

Packed with

Features you'll love

  • Automatically generate invoices
  • project automation
  • Customize your tasks


Powerful automations allows you to generate projects, invoices and more.

Projects can be scheduled on a recurring basis.

Tasks can be assigned to staff and clients.

Automatic reminders to clients who have pending tasks.

Quickly assign documents to clients or staff that need their signature.

And much more!

Document Signing

Build beautiful, dynamic contracts & agreements with our powerful Content Block Editor

Create Templates with dynamic data placeholders for quick creation and automation

Place “signer” placeholders with ease, which will populate as an interactive signature pad

Can be used to sign PDF's generated by your tax software.

  • Includes Audit Trail
  • Simplify the Signing Process
  • No more 3rd party software!
  • keep track of clients
  • send secure Email
  • modify customer experience


See and manage all Contact information and resources in one place

Assign Clients to specific Salespersons so that they are private

Assign each Client a “Client Coordinator” as their go-to point of contact

Keep Private or Shared Notes on every interaction with the Contact

Quickly create and manage internal Tasks related to the Client

Upload/Manage/Download all Client Files from their Dashboard

Invoicing and Billing

Easily build and send out Estimates and Invoices to Clients, using ‘Items’, ‘Taxes’, and ‘Discounts’

Clients can easily pay their Invoices right inside their portal using your choice of Payment Gateway

You’ll be notified as soon as a Client makes payment, which will be automatically logged in the ‘Payments’ tab

Optionally allow Clients to make partial payments on their assigned Invoices

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
  • Fully Functional
  • Check in from anywhere
  • Apple and android!


Give your Clients the full of White Label experience (with Custom URL configured)

Your Clients can install the app on their Apple or Android mobile device

Your Clients can experience your Portal, and interact from anywhere using their mobile device

The mobile experience for both your Clients and Team is as close to the desktop experience as possible



  • CRM, File Exchange and More
  • White Labeled with your name/logo
  • Use your own domain or one of ours!
  • Unlimited Staff - Unlimited Customers
  • Simplify the Customer Experience
  • Learning Management System Available 
  • Email and Drip Marketing Available
  • Embeddable Remote Chat Available

You will be charged a one time fee of $1997 for initial setup.
This include Portal branding and configuring the Portal to meet your specific needs.

About  Synchronized CPA

Synchronized CPA is owned and operated by Synchronized Group, LLC.


How many clients can I have in the system?

How many do you have?

We do not place limits on how many customers you can load into the system.

How many staff members can I add?

How many do you have?

We do not place limits on the number of staff members, employees or contractors you can have accessing your system.

How much storage space do I get?

You will have 2TB of storage for your files.